The Philippines has lots of varieties of food each region has its specialties. Same names same taste but differ in ways how it is cooked. Filipino dishes has its combination of taste like sweet (matamis), Sour (maasim), salty (maalat). Some place they add another taste like in Bicol I adds more spicy flavor (anghang). Most Filipinos like (lutong bahay) home cooked. It considered as such because it is prepared in a simple or traditional way. That may provide sentimental values to the people. Filipino authentic style of cooking home food is what people looking for especially Filipinos now living in abroad.

Here are some food that Filipinos love most. 1.) Adobo, typically pork or chicken cooked with soy sauce, garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaf. 2.) Bopis A dish made of a pork lungs, heart Sautee in chilies and onions. 3.) Kaldereta a dish made of pork with tomato paste, tomato sauce mix with vegetables and liver spread. 4.) Lauya A dish made of pork boiled to get the broth flavor along with garlic, onion, fish sauce and mix vegetables serve as a soup or main dish. 5.) Sinigang a sour dish pork or fish mixed with a variety of vegetables. 6.) Bicol Express a dish famous in its spicy flavor along with llong chilies, coconut milk, alamang (shrimp paste), sliced cube pork. Happy tummy right? But here’s more dish to serve for you that suits your taste buds. Pinangat, Laing, Natong. Refers to taro leaves with coconut milk, chili. Lechon Paksiw, Igado, Pork Tausi, Pork Giniling, Lumpiang Shanghai, PorkChop, who loves gata (coconut milk) we have Ginataang Langka, Ginataang Papaya, Ginataang Talong. Aren’t you craving yet? Filipino food such delicious to eat especially when you put love on it, it adds more flavor to the food.
Surely, you will come back once you have tried this Filipino food. Don’t worry about the

Menu: PORK

  1. Nilagang Baboy – 35.00
  2. Bopis – 30.00
  3. Lechon Paksiw – 30.00
  4. Egado – 30.00
  5. Pork Adobo -35.00
  6. Pork Tausi – 30.00
  7. Bicol Express- 30.00
  8. Adobong Atay – 35.00
  9. Pork Giniling – 25.00
  10. Pork Steak – 35.00
  11. Lumpiang Shanghai – 3/25.00
  12. Pork Chop – 30..00


  1. Friend Chicken / Spicy -35.00
  2. Chicken Adobo – 35.00
  3. Cordon Blue – (whole – 150.00, Slice – 25.00 )


  1. Picadilyo – 40.00
  2. Fried Bangus – 30.00
  3. Fish Fillet – 10.00 / pc
  4. Sweet and Sour Fish – 40.00


  1. Ginataang Ampalaya -25.00
  2. Talong – 25.00
  3. Ginataang Kalabasa – 25.00
  4. Ginataang Langka – 25.00
  5. Ginataang Papaya – 25.00
  6. Chopseuy- 24.00
  7. Laing -25.00
  8. Vegetable Lumpya – 5.00 / pc