OBF Special Pancit Guisado

OBF Special Pansit Guisado is very popular in Guinubatan, Albay for its Spicy Flavored. Inspired by Bicolano’s love for spicy (siling labuyo)  food. The noodle is an original recipe that the OBF produce.This is made-up of rice noodles, shrimp, meat, liver and mix vegetables. Spicy Pansit is a version that uses chili and spices, along with the mix vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, Baguio beans and snow peas. It is a swift recipe that results in a boundless tasting Filipino noodle dish.

The preparation of this dish is easy and quick. The taste of all the ingredients and seasoning was really good. I was able to taste the chili, meat, and vegetables. The Chili makes sure it helped a lot to make the dish success. Traditional Pansit versions get the most of its flavor from the soy sauce. I like the taste of soy sauce.  Nevertheless, adding more spices to our Pansit to make it taste marvelous. in this recipe, the chili was able to provide the spice of a good dish.

If you want to get the best taste, crushing the head of a fresh shrimp will make the tastes more flavorful, it will accommodate the ingredient the will surely take it to the next level.

I’m a fan of OBF Special Pansit Guisado. I like my dish served with calamasi or vinegar and an additional piece of siling labuyo to make it hotter. I also add a few drops of fish sauce (patis) when I am ready to eat. Preparation is important to me. Eating it along with puto, dinuguan, bread, fried lupiang ubod, lupianpiang sariwa (fresh lumpia), lumpiang shanghai or any kind of lumpia will be best. For me, they make a decent pair. Now Try It.