OBF Special Mushroom Pizza

OBF Mushroom Pizza is one of a dish of pizza around the world. Sometimes pizza depends on what a country known for their products. This Mushroom Pizza is typically made of flattened bread dough. This dough made of flour , water and other ingredients. After the dough, prepare other ingredients for toppings. Another ingredient will to make our pizza more special, the mushroom. This mushroom is the typical mushroom that u can buy in groceries store. It is cultured. The popularity of mushrooms is still based not on the nutrients that they contain but mostly on their exotic taste and their culinary properties, whether eaten alone or in combination with other foods. It is not well known that mushrooms are full of nutrients and can therefore make a very important contribution to human nutrition. Some managed to import the process of pizza creation adding new ingredient and toppings with the goal to make the best dish possible. To add more trill in eating OBF Special Mushroom Pizza made it more hot and spicy.