Starr Bread / Putok

Starr Bread / Putok How will you not be curious about the word Putok? Yes, Putok in English explosion while star bread from the word itself star. This bread has five cuts at the top like a star that sprinkles with white sugar represented as exploding star. Have u ever imagine of eating a Star? How about exploding Star? The people of Guinubatan, Albay loves to eat this bread. It is very popular with the children even to the adults The children ask their parents, uncle/aunts and even their grandmother/grandfather to buy this bread for their snack or miryenda “recess” to take them when going to the school. The preparation of this kind of bread is very easy. no need to consume much time. In this, very short period of baking you will be happy to produce this healthy and delicious bread. Some ingredients of this bread are flour, sugar, salt vegetables shortening. This kind of bread is cooked for about 15-18 minutes in preheated oven 550 degrees F. “Note that it is very crucial to follow the desired temperature to bake this kind of bread. Starr Bread / Putok bread is the best when served hot with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate. Weight 75g Price 2.00 and 5.00 pesos