Pan de coco

Pan de coco or Coconut bread. a type of sweet roll, famous in the Philippines. It is around bun that uses a dehydrated or freshly grated coconut meat cooked in caramelized sugar and added in bread filing. A procedure that you may try in making Pan de coco. Deliciously soft and sweet, an utter delight in the morning and best enjoyed when freshly baked, pan de coco is the stuff of childhood memories—warm bags fresh from the corner bakery filling the dining room with the heavenly scent of butter and sugar and coconut, the soft buns being split into two as a perfect accompaniment to milky coffee for breakfast…pan de coco evokes a sense of home and belonging, and is a must in every Filipino bakery. The sweet crunch of sugary coconut is counterbalanced perfectly by the soft white bread and is actually very easy to make at home on your own. This nostalgic one is sure to bring a smile to everyone who’s ready for merienda, and you may find yourself hard-pressed to resist eating one before they’ve cooled down. It is popular with the children. They love to bring it to their school for snack or merienda.

Price 2.00 Small

Price 5.00 Large